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What should I bring?

  1. Please bring a photo identification and your insurance card(s). Our staff will need to verify and make copies when you check-in on the day of your surgery.
  2. Be sure to bring any medications that you may need during your stay at the facility (e.g., inhaler or insulin).
  3. Please bring a list of all drugs you are currently taking.
  4. Please bring payment of any patient responsibility (e.g. co-payment or deductible)
  5. Please do not bring rings, watches, or other valuables.

Address and Contact Information

2041 Mesa Valley Way

Suite 125

Austell, Georgia  30106

Phone: (678) 309-8100

Fax: (678) 309-8101

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday

7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Driving Directions